Cleaning and laying instructions - Handcrafted terracotta

Work preparation all types and sizes :
Remove from packaging and inspect all the tiles. Mix tiles from several boxes. There will be some size variation due to kiln shrinkage which is unavoidable, but do not worry about this, it will enhance the overall finished effect. Locate the right upper side. Put to one side any damaged tiles. We recommend a joint between 6 and 15 mm wide for handcrafted terracotta.

Cement and Limescale remover :
This solution is for removing traces of cement or other spots. After grouting dilute to one part decapant for four parts water. Lightly brush over whole floor area and leave to react for a few minutes (it will not attack the grout joints if they are completely dry). Clean off using a little water which you should renew after each 2/3 meters cleaned.